A Shelter in the Desert: Pequeñas Hiroshimas

by Néstor David Pastor

In late July of this year, A Shelter in the Desert, a five-piece group from Mexico City, released their second album entitled Pequeñas Hiroshimas. Like many of the other groups that fit comfortably within the genre of experimental post-rock (Sigur Ros, Explosions in the Sky, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, etc.), A Shelter in the Desert offers a cinematic experience of five instrumental tracks that range from cathartic to melodramatic to every thoughtful emotion in between. The titles also help to give a sense of theme, with “Y dormir, por primera vez, con el alma al lado” (And dreaming, for the first time, beside the soul), being particularly poignant, a classical piano riff throughout. “La vida no tine cura” (No cure for life) has more of a somber mood, while both the opening and closing track set the respective pace. Overall, Pequeñas Hiroshimas is a beautiful record to be alone with your thoughts.

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