Alina Baraz’s “Electric” (feat. Khalid)

by Chelsea Lim

R&b singer-songwriter Alina Baraz, best known for her collaborative EP Urban Flora with electronic DJ and producer Galimatias back in 2015, has solidified her signature sound with her smooth, breathy vocals over cool, downtempo beats with hits such as “Fantasy” and “Pretty Thoughts”. Her fusion forms an experience of elevation, providing the listener a sense of passion while evoking subtleties of mystery as she echoes you through her journeys of intimacy and romance.

Her newly released single “Electric” further enhances this, as the record embraces her unique and darker musical flair, while maintaining the genre’s aspect of a steady rhythmic beat and lyrics of a rare, newly discovered love.

Bring in Khalid, a 19 year old singer-songwriter known for his hit “Location”, and his vocal feature returns to the old styles of early soul and r&b. His music successfully presents a newer perspective, creating a mood that is familiar yet unexplored.

The fresh musical waves of Baraz and Khalid intertwine with traditional elements of alternative, r&b and soul, creating a record that becomes an effortless blend of new and old. “Electric” evokes what the lyrical content intends to- the raw exposure of beauty that we find in vulnerability, desire, and love.


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