“I make the painting, I hang it up and people can think what they want.” | A Conversation with Allday

by: Chris Pizzolo

For me a good hip-hop track is everything. The type of hip-hop that I’ve always gravitated towards are the tracks that feature dark, moody, minor sounds with honest lyrics.  When I heard “Sides” by Allday ft. NYNE, I was in the office going through new tracks and this song just hit me. It really seemed to check all  the boxes of things I look out for in a track. In fact, it hit me so hard that I felt compelled to reach out to Allday and learn more about the track. Check out our conversation below.

Play Too Much: Tell us a little bit about the song “Sides” and collaborating with NYNE.

Allday: Nyne and I were working on a different song, I asked who produced it and she said that she did. I was impressed so I said “make me a beat”… She made the beat and sung the hook, and I drove around in my car, listening to the beat, yelling out lyrics as they came to me. The lyric about the cemetery on Bell St was just free-styled as I drove past a grim cemetery in my area. l recorded it then I took the beat to my normal producers Cam Bluff & Mitch Graunke and we messed around with it until we were happy.

PTM: That’s rad. I have always loved demoing music in a car. It seems like a fully immersive and honest way to listen to music. What were you listening to at the time when you wrote it?

AD: A bit of everything. Lots of modern Hip Hop and R&B. I love Future, Young Thug etc. I think if James Brown was 22 today he would probably sound like Young Thug. Lately I’ve been listening to lots of country music too.

PTM: Ha, I often wonder what some of my music heroes would be listening to if they were in their prime today. Like, what would Louis Armstrong’s favorite artist be? Now that the song is out, how has the release affected you?

AD: Well, it’s a song and hopefully some people like it. Some of my fans like it, some of them are inboxing me telling me “they don’t like it when I use autotune”… Which is fine but I have to express myself with how I’m feeling at the time. I make the painting, I hang it up and people can think what they want.


PTM: I love that thought, your music as a painting in a gallery. Really beautiful. It’s interesting to hear your audience’s feedback. What’s the hip hop scene like in Australia?

AD: Hip Hop is really big here. Where I grew up (Adelaide) the culture was very old school, four elements, freestyles, MPCs, that kind of thing. Hip Hop came across to Australia in the early 90s and grew in its own weird direction here. I was raised in that scene but I never really fit into it. I started to find the “boom bap” sound wasn’t what I was listening to anymore, but I’m glad I had the education of listening to DITC, Rakim and those type of artists. I think if you listen to my lyrics you can tell that I grew up around that.

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