Live Show Review

And The Kids Exist For All The Right Reasons

by Allison Palum

And The Kids, your favorite indie rock/pop band from Northampton, Massachusetts, graced The Knitting Factory on Saturday night toting embroidered bathrobes, dogs, bad days made better by rocking out and, of course, songs from their albums Turn To Eachother (2015) and Friends Share Lovers (2016).

And The Kids live

Both of these albums share a theme of friendship and its many intricacies; the ways that relationships, whether they be platonic or romantic or physical or a confusing mixture of all three, can be absolutely wonderful, but also incredibly complicated. While relationships are not an original source of inspiration for songwriting, And The Kids finds a way to write about them, through lyrics and through song arrangement, that is completely unique.

Often times a song by And The Kids (ie. “All Day All Night”, “Glory Glory”, “Cheer For Babies”, …) feels like it could stand alone as it’s own album simply because the arrangement is so diverse. This refers to their creating mini interludes within the song or the juxtaposition of melodic guitar riffs with cascading vocals. Listening to a 4 minute song of theirs can feel like it takes 20 minutes (in a good way) because the song carries so many different personalities.

And The Kids live The Knitting Factory play too much

Their music and it’s infatuation with relationships is validated when you see them live because of the tangible friendship that exists between lead singer and guitarist Hannah Mohan, bassist Taliana Katz and drummer Rebecca Lasaponaro. With every giggle and smirk directed at each other throughout the set you are convinced more and more that And The Kids exists for all the right reasons.

Their music and performance is believable because every member of the band is unapologetically themselves on stage and, assumingly, during the creation of their albums as well. From Mohan sitting on Katz’s knee mid song without skipping a beat, to the epic bicycle move Mohan and Katz perform at the end of “I Can’t Tell What The Time Is Telling Me”, to Mohan jokingly replacing the words “the Lord” with “Rebecca” in “Glory”: “Glory, glory I’m a drinker / I blame it on Rebecca [the Lord]”. Standing in the audience, you are convinced that while at an And The Kids show you are very much amongst friends.

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