Field Trip 3 | Anthony And The Mountain Performs “O-horizon” at Oak Mountain

by: Anthony And The Mountain

My FT3 experience at The Henrietta House with Play Too Much crew (I adore you’s), as well as the other bands (equally adore you’ses), was so much fun and, sadly, way too brief! I needed to be back in Utica, NY for a show with my band Draculatron, that night, so I wasn’t able to join in the fun and excitement of the live performances that night at Oak Mountain.

(c) 2016 Brimful Photography

(c) 2016 Brimful Photography

I definitely didn’t know what to expect on my way out to Speculator that morning, but it was a beautiful drive. Living in upstate New York, it never ceases to amaze me just how incredible our nature is. After exploring the nooks and crannies of the Henrietta House and property, I poked around the seemingly abandoned hamlet of Speculator for several hours, with Ken and Rebecca (Exitpost and Rebecca Turner of Sleep Storm, respectively) before we made our way out to the slopes to film.

(c) Eli Glassmen

(c) Eli Glesmann

Eli laid out on the ice to get a profile shot of AATM (c) 2016 Brimful Photography

HOME GOODS (c) 2016 Brimful Photography

Anthony And The Moutain (c) 2016 Brimful Photography

I don’t do much singing outdoors, but when it was suggested to me that morning, my brain immediately latched on to the idea. “O-horizon” HAD to happen outside. Had to. I felt like Maria Von Trapp in the Sound of Music. Minus the children. Well, actually, there WERE children, getting in their last bits of skiing and sledding as the sun set. But there were absolutely, definitely, no Nuns.

HOME GOODS (c) 2016 Brimful Photography

Zeno of Newlywed Records capturing audio (c) 2016 Brimful Photography

HOME GOODS (c) 2016 Brimful Photography

Chris and Trevor (c) 2016 Brimful Photography

Sara & Anthony (c) 2016 Brimful Photography


Rebecca of Brimful Photography (c) Trevor Junquera

I wrote “O-horizon” a few years ago and eventually recorded it for my album Paradise. At the time, I was writing songs exclusively on a small reed organ a friend had given to me. The songs were dark and strange, reflective of a number of mental health issues I was dealing with (an apt description of exactly all of my music). I was desperate for some reassurance and some peace and “O-horizon” followed pretty quickly in the wake of that.

HOME GOODS (c) 2016 Brimful Photography

(c) 2016 Brimful Photography

The spark came from an Earth Science course I was taking in college. Soil is composed of several horizon levels, differentiated by letters. O horizon is the topmost layer, usually occurring in forested areas. It’s basically the forest floor, and it contains large amounts of organic material, mostly dead plant and/or animal in stages of decomposition. And that’s how I felt at the time. A collection of detritus, trying to become something healthy and new again. “O-horizon” is about renewal, rebirth. For a long time I played the song live with organ or piano accompaniment but in recent years I’ve opted to utilize my voice box for layers and texture, and in order to free up my voice to just focus on the words. These days, It’s like a hymn. A hymn to what was and to what can still be.

On my way home, I hit a deer with my car.

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