Anya Marina “Serious Love”

By Katherine Butler

Singer-songwriter Anya Marina dropped a new single, “Serious Love,” and it’s seriously good.

Anya Marina has been releasing music since 2005 and boasts an impressive fan base.  She has announced she will be releasing an EP titled Serious Love this May.  Consequently, the single “Serious Love” gives us a preview for what to expect on the EP–a more sensitive side of the alternative-pop/rock artist.

“Serious Love” is a love ballad describing the delirious and sometimes irrational effects love can have on people.  Her relatable lyrics tell the story of a person suffering the common side-effects–good and bad– of falling in love.

“It was written with one of the most talented producers and songwriters I’ve worked with: Ian Keaggy,” Marina explains, “and within a couple of hours of talking about our favorite Portishead and Sade songs, we came up with this slow and sexy jam.  It’s one of my favorites ever and I hope you love it.” was reported from Anya’s pledge campaign.

“Serious Love” draws us in with a simple piano note playing behind Marina’s seductive voice, and this gives the song a bluesy vibe.  However, instruments like the violin mix the pace up to create a unique feel as Marina continues to captivate us.  “Serious Love” has an enticing aesthetic that will allow you to relax and unwind while also being enraptured by the music.

Check out the bewitching single “Serious Love,” and be sure to be on the look-out for the Serious Love EP.

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