ARTIST TO ARTIST: Chelsea Brown Interviews Justine Brown of Summer Twins

Sisters Chelsea and Justine Brown always knew they wanted to be in a band. For them, the vision came first; the songs came later. They are the core members of Summer Twins, who weave together modern pop, ‘50’s sock hop melodies, and wild ‘60’s garage rock, topped with dreamy harmonies and a tinge of psychedelia. Born and raised in Riverside, California, where the sun never stops shining, the sisters grew up on a steady diet of The Kinks and Beatles. With their new collection of songs themes like the reality of adulthood, and the struggle to balance art with making a living are explored. For ten rainy days in the winter of 2014, Chelsea, Justine, and producer Chris Woodhouse (Ty Segall, Thee Oh Sees) holed up in an isolated Sacramento studio and created Limbo. The band plays live with Chelsea on guitar/vocals, Justine behind the drums/vocals, with Michael Rey on bass and Andy Moran on guitar/keyboard.

Chelsea Brown interviewed fellow band mate Justine for Play Too Much about inspiration, exploration, and bad/good food while touring.

By: Chelsea Brown
C: What would you say is the best part about touring?
J: Seeing new things and meeting new people every day. Playing to new audiences every night. Eating good food and drinking good coffee.

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C: Worst part?
J: Being stuck in a car for long periods of time. Being tired.

C: What’s your favorite song to play live?
J: Stop & Go

C: Touring can be rough at times and we all have our moments where we feel tired or over it. What do you do to bounce back?
J: Take a nap, drink tea, or try to find a moment alone.

C: What’s your favorite seat in the van and why?
J: The middle seat to the left. The one where you don’t have to open the back seat every time for whoever sits there. Or the driver’s seat. Time goes by fast when I drive. Plus I get dibs on the music.

C: What’s your favorite back seat activity?
J: For this tour, I’ve been recording weird songs on garageband via my iphone.

C: What is your go to liquor store snack?
J: Bananas if they have them! If not usually nuts of some sort. Last time we stopped I got those gross nachos where you squirt liquid cheese on them – so bad/good.

C: Do you miss home when you’re on tour?
J: I miss the comforts of home – my bed, using my own bathroom/shower, having my space. But I haven’t gotten too homesick yet. I love being out on the road.

J: If you could tour with any band, who would it be and why?
C: Jenny Lewis! Because I’m such a huge fan and had so much fun opening for her last year. Jenny and her band are such pros and I love playing with great bands because we can learn from them and I feel like it challenges us to step it up.

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J: Do you feel inspired to create music while you’re on the road?
C: Yeah definitely. It’s kind of a funny situation – usually we’re so busy with work and stuff, trying to squeeze in time for music, and now that we’re on tour our sole purpose right now is to play music. So it feels great and it’s inspiring to finally be able to dedicate ourselves but at the same time it’s hard to find time to write while on the road. But since Michael (our bass player) brought his mini stratocaster and I-rig I’m excited to write and record some back seat jams on the my phone.
J: What type of thing do you like to explore when you get to a new city?
C: If there’s a downtown, it’s fun to walk around and check it out. We usually go straight to thrift/vintage stores but I’ve been trying not to spend too much this tour (or add too much to my luggage) so I’ve been into coffee shops. I like a nice place where I can sit and charge my phone and bring a journal or sketchpad.

Summer Twins are a California based group fronted by sisters Chelsea and Justine Brown. Their creative videos have been self-produced and the sisters have two upcoming shows in New York City on March 26th and March 27th

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