ARTIST TO ARTIST: Draper and Philco Fiction Interview Each Other


Kent, UK producer, Draper, is best known for his abundant catalog of collaborations with artists like Lapsley, Rita Ora, and Little Mix. His latest single “All I See” is a luminous pop-electronic track featuring vocalist Laura Brehm.

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The Norwegian duo, Philco Fiction’s sophomore LP Talk/Brag, is out tomorrow (1/29) via Killing Moon Records. Their latest single, “Runimals”, is a self-described ‘gospel pop’ jam.

Draper: Where does the name Philco Fiction come from?

Philco Fiction: It comes from us looking at Philco radios from the 50’s. We had a dream that we were a radio.

Draper: What’s your plan for 2016?

Philco Fiction: Our plan is to share our music with as many people as possible. Our record is out January 29!

Draper: Do you wear turtle necks in the summer?

Philco Fiction: Sometimes, when we have meetings with the turtle neck society.

Draper: Will you make Philco Fiction turtleneck merchandise?

Philco Fiction: Yes, of course. Will send you one.

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Draper: Is the cat in the artwork yours?​

Philco Fiction: Sadly, it’s not. It’s Anita’s cat. His name is Levon, after Levon Helm.

Philco Fiction: When and how did you start making music?

Draper: I borrowed a friend’s keyboard that had drum sounds/synths and I plugged the audio output into my computer and attempted to make music. I didn’t know how to use a click track or how to layer properly, but we all start somewhere.

Philco Fiction: What’s your worst/best live gig ever, and why?

Draper: Worst gig was when I was supposed to DJ for 30 minutes but there was no one in the room and the sound guy switched the lights on and told me to stop after 15… Best gig was the one I just did last friday at Koko which was my first Draper live show and it was amazing to say the least.

Philco Fiction: If you were not a producer and artist, what would you be?

​Draper: Hopefully working for a label in some capacity, the only two jobs I had before music were social media intern and behind a bar at a biggin hill golf club.

Philco Fiction: Where did you learn your dance moves?


Philco Fiction: When you need inspiration, where do you go, what do you listen to?

Draper: I usually get away from my computer so I have space to think and in thinking I’ll start hearing melodies or lyrics. I’ll also listen to electronic artists that are pushing boundaries or even Frank Sinatra, it’s all relevant.

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