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Wildcat! Wildcat! is an indie-electronic duo from Los Angeles, CA who mix hip hop beats and thick bass lines with a wide vocal range and melodic key soundscapes.

by Jesse Taylor & Jesse Carmichael of Wildcat! Wildcat!

There are so many factors and situations which influence our songs, and this one in particular [ “Straight To The Top” ] took the better part of a year to really lock every part into something we both were happy with. On the surface the lyric “you’re going straight to the top” has a quality of that underdog / perseverance theme which shows up in our music often. The other side of the coin is more satirical in that there are people who will stop at no cost to be at “the top”. While there’s nothing necessarily right or wrong with that approach, we’ve always had great admiration for those who attribute their successes to the people around them, their communities, and the bonds of camaraderie that bring out the best in people.  I guess you could say if you were going to be at the top, would you want to share in that experience, or have it all to yourself?

As for the production, this song has taken it’s own process, again, like many of our songs do.  We enjoy the freedom to explore where a song can go, oftentimes ending up where we started. The track itself was nearly finished a few months ago, but needed that extra “something” which we were able to find while working with Ran Jackson. Once all the pieces were together both lyrically and musically, the song felt complete and ready to release.

What each of us brings to the table is equally valuable as it is different so we do the best we can to challenge each other and bring out our best when we work on a Wildcat! Wildcat! song.  The rewards of collaborating cannot be felt alone.

Jesse Carmichael: Hey Jesse
Jesse Taylor: Hey Jesse. So how do we do this?
JC: Let’s start off easy… what am I wearing right now?
JT: Hmm in my head I’d say you’re wearing a white toga, ugg boots and holding a rain stick.. but since you’re sitting right next to me I won’t say that.
JC: Let’s go ahead and get the most important question out of the way… what’s your favorite Dave Matthews Band song?
JT: Ooh good one… off the top of my head I’m gonna go with this… Yourself?

JC: I’m gonna go with Two Step… preferably the 10 minute live at Red Rocks version.
JT: That’s a top shelf selection my friend.
JC: Why thank you.
JT: Next question: when you play Battleship are you more of a ship vertical or horizontal kind of player?
JC: It really depends on the type of person I’m playing. I’ll usually go more vertical than horizontal but you gotta mix it up because of basic logic.
JC: Speaking of mixing it up… what’s your favorite beer that’s not PBR?
JT: The beer in my hand is my favorite beer right now… Leffe I believe?
JC: Yeah, it’s pretty good. not sure where it came from but, do you want another one?
JT: Yep.
JT: Alright now that we’re warmed up, let’s get down to the nitty gritty…
JC: Have you seen Frozen?
JT: No.
JC: Me neither.


I’m lying. I totally have, but I didn’t mean to. That doesn’t mean I didn’t not like it though. Quickfire round?
JC: Let’s do it.
JC: Have you ever been in a movie before?
JT: Yes I have been in a movie, but only one.
JC: Was I in it too?
JT: You were totally in it too.
JC: What was it called?
JT: Tarzan Diet was the name I think?
JC: Why do you think it was left out of the Oscar conversation?
It was not left out of the Oscar conversation.
Would ever consider hiring me as your acting agent?
Consider yourself considered.
JC: Wonderful, just wonderful. Well, Jesse, it’s been such a treat interviewing you today, and I wish you the best of luck with your band and the new music you guys are putting out this year.
JT: Likewise Jesse. It appears as if we totally nailed this interview with ourselves and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t proud of us.
JC: True that. Now here’s a video to keep you motivated through 2016…

Wildcat! Wildcat!
is Jesse Taylor (vox/bass/keys) and Jesse Carmichael (drums/keys/programming). 
The duo of Jesse’s have spent much of 2015 writing and recording new music. They recently released “Straight To The Top” (produced by Wildcat! Wildcat! and Ran Jackson (of The Daylights) and will be delivering more new songs one track at a time throughout 2016.

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