BAILE & Felicia Douglass – “Matter” & “Down”

By: Leann Bescript

Last month, Brooklyn producer BAILE revealed “Leaves,” the first track from his forthcoming EP Matter, which featured Ava Luna’s Felicia Douglass’ enchanting vocals.

BAILE is back at it, releasing two new tracks from Matter. The album’s eponymous track features another thrilling display of Douglass’ talent mixed into a head-nodding beat. This song rightfully holds its place as the title track because of how immersive it is. Nearly five full minutes of Douglass’ voice overlaid in a repetitive intoxicating few verses, “Talk, talk to me. It’s not what you say, it’s just what I need.”

After being entranced in “Matter” for what seemed like an all-too-short eternity, the second track “Down” is a jolt. “Down” showcases more of BAILE’s personal flair and impressive skills building with sound. While it has the same quick electronic ticking backbeat, there are no vocals and it is much more sound-heavy. It evokes feelings of getting to the intense part of a video game, that feeling of your heart racing to the quickly intensifying background music.

All three songs, while different in vibe and visual imagery, illustrates the producer’s hand (and ear) that so deeply scrutinized each contributing noise and tone that went into the dressing of the songs.

“Leaves”, “Matter”, and “Down” seem to be covering a lot of ground theme-wise, but as BAILE’s path to music is slowly uncovered, it’s clear that his mark is one of intricacy.

Matter is set to be released on July 24 through label Color Station.


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