By: Leann Bescript

BAILE’s EP Matter came out this past July and has since changed our idea of what great heights can be reached with powerful vocal-cameos and an ear for intense production. The Brooklyn-based producer brought in a whole slew of talented vocalists to accompany his EP of intricate electronics. One of these singers was KansasJohn Lamonica, who is featured on Matter’s closing track, “Walls,” and is no stranger to adorning electronic projects with his haunting choruses.  “Walls” is a deep and dramatic rabbit-hole of sounds. When the song finally ends, marking the end of the EP all together, it comes as a jolt, like waking up suddenly from a dream where you’re perpetually falling.Fellow NYC producer Cranks took the original “Walls” and ran with it by layering even more theatrical sounds, leading the listeners even further down the rabbit-hole and extending the play time to a whopping seven minutes.

Seeing as the original (4-minute-long) “Walls” left audiences feeling stunned at the song’s end, it comes as no surprise that a young producer like Cranks could listen to it and discover a great specimen for deconstructing and reassembling with added flair and heightened urgency. According to label Color Station, Crank’s remix is the first to surface from an upcoming extended version of Matter.The extended EP will feature two remixes (one being Crank’s), and two B-sides. It is set to be released this December, just in time to make a great gift for the music-production nerd in your life.

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