Guest Blog Post

Ben Hobbs Introduces “Cold Sweat”

By: Ben Hobbs

“Cold Sweat” is the single that has evolved the most from the outset of the three so far. I had been working on this chorus idea that on the surface at least is quite upbeat and a little bit funky, but I wanted the rest of the song to contrast that in some way, because lyrically it’s a little dark.


I came up with this distorted reversed vocal line which acts as a sort of backbone for the song, and ties it all together. It emphasises the line between mental blurriness and clarity. It’s the most synth-led song I’ve put out too. It’s definitely a nod to some of my favourite pop artists over the years.

Ben Hobbs is a London based singer-songwriter and multi instrumentalist producer. Hobbs draws influence from a wide range of artists from David Bowie to CHVRCHES. For more on Hobbs visit his sound cloud here.


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