Bernedette “Fountain ft. Alenni”

by Katlain Petrella

If you’ve ever held the inclination that Haunted Houses can be cosmically romantic, Bernedette’s new single “Fountain feat. Alenni” will take you to the other side. Filled to the brim with dark up-beats and splendidly spooky seraphim-like female vocals, “Fountain” allows listeners to trickle down what sounds a lot like the essences within HG Wells’s Time Machine in an electric burst of uncanny concupiscent science fiction. Partnered in binary with what can only be described as holographically bright beats sprawl soul drenched lyrics that scatter mournfully like a ghostly hymn between the choruses. Ending on an eerily foreboding tone, “Fountain” leaves listeners yearning to dive back in at the beginning to travel once again through the unearthly light-years found here with a satisfying wish for more; and listeners may soon get to trek back into the supernatural world Bernedette creates within the premiere of “Fountain”, as it is rumored to be soon followed by another bright and eerie single in the upcoming weeks.

Bernedette is the collaborative solo-electronic project of Nick Sebastiano, a 22 year old producer and multi-instrumentalist from Albany, NY. Originally a classical double bassist, Sebastiano’s music as Bernedette is riddled with dark textures, haunting organs and pulsing sampled percussion. The first single “Fountain” features Albany art-pop singer-songwriter Alenni. Bernedette’s debut LP heart, sound will be out later this year.

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