Live Show Review

Best Behavior | Zuli | Daniel Feels @ Pianos (PHOTO RECAP)

by Nathaniel Wind

Last Tuesday (2/9), I had the pleasure of seeing three artists play at Pianos in the Lower East Side: Daniel Feels, Zuli, and Best Behavior.

Daniel Feels opened up the show.

I chatted with the drummer a bit before their set. He informed me that it was only his second show playing with Daniel Feels, but that Daniel had been playing these songs for a while. I had no idea what to expect, but from the first song, I knew I was in for a treat. The set was exceptionally tight and Daniel’s vocals were incredibly polished.



Zuli was up next.IMG_5651

They’re a four-piece psychedelic/pop band whose tunes were poppy but set themselves apart thanks to Zuli’s varying vocal styles that ranged from smooth and pleasant to gritty and angsty. This gave their performance an edge that I absolutely loved. The charming, casual stage presence and banter of the band made them extremely accessible as people as well, which always makes a band more enjoyable to watch.


The last band I saw was Best Behavior, the current resident band at Pianos.
IMG_5864They label themselves as garage rock but the best thing about their set was definitely their impressive live harmonies: all spot on. Best Behavior was one of our featured Field Trip 2 bands. If you haven’t watched their session check it out here.

IMG_5881Go catch Best Behavior’s residency at Pianos for the last two Tuesdays of the month!


All photos by Nate Wind.

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