Big Mother Gig Returns With “Just Fly By”

by Chris Pizzolo

Milwaukee based band Big Mother Gig have returned after nearly two decades to release an EP and their latest music video “Just Fly By”. The video is a recreation of the classic Replacements video for “Bastards of Young” with a modern twist. Focusing on music coming from a laptop rather than a record player. ” Although it’s been years since the band has released music together, the song feels as if they never missed a beat. Full bodied bass and drums fill out the sonic-sphere while crunchy guitars and hooky melodies make “Just Fly By” a total ear worm for fans of classic post-punk.

“Just Fly By” - Big Mother Gig (1)

As if the news of the new EP and video weren’t exciting enough the band recently reunited for a a hometown Milwaukee gig at Pabst Theater. Perhaps that means a full tour is in the works? One can only hope.

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