Sera’s Call Me Up

By Katherine Butler

The alternative pop/rock band Sera released their EP Call Me Up on March 17th 2017.  The band originates from Brisbane, Australia, and while they have been playing together for almost 8 years, the band officially launched in February, 2016.  The band has exclusively released singles up until Call Me Up—their EP that features four tracks.

Sera comments upon the release, “Each track is a different take on dealing with life and stress and putting yourself ahead of it.  We followed the theme and named the EP Call Me Up as a bit of a tease to encourage people to get in touch, get out of their comfort zone and start pushing to be recognized.”

The EP starts out with “Doctor.”  The opening track of this EP was actually released as a single prior to March 17th.  The single quickly turned heads, and fans looked forward to the full release of the EP.  Lead vocalist Eloise Mitchell’s soulful voice, combined with steady guitar riffs and drum beats, constructs a 90s girl rock vibe that listeners can jam to.


The whole band really comes together and shines in individual ways throughout the empowering second track, “Heavy Hearted.”  The song is ultimately a message to an ex, declaring how much better life is without them.  When Mitchell sings, “Don’t you worry about me because I’m so happy being alone with me,” happiness truly overflows from her voice and carries over to listeners.  Sera successfully highlights the beauty and happiness in being independent and by yourself.  The catchy beats created by the rest of the band had me bobbing my head from the first few seconds.

There’s no denying the emotion present in “Letter To Myself,” the third track on the EP.  Sera continues to tap into their empowering theme—“Letter To Myself” is about confronting yourself in order to push to your highest potential.  Furthermore, the electric guitar truly shines around 2:20 to help bring together all the emotion cumulated throughout the song.

Sera slows down the tempo for “Clear As Ice” to end Call Me Up.  Mitchell wistfully sings, “There is more to be seen than this life in front of me,” behind a gentle beat, which includes a soft piano tune.  Such as in “Letter To Myself,” the beat and guitar gather momentum towards the end but fade out so Mitchell’s peaceful voice can finish the EP on a tender note.

Call Me Up is only consists of four tracks, but it contains a variety of catchy beats and emotion for any mood you are in.

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