Cherry Jungle “Hold Your Tongue”

by Chris Pizzolo

I like to think that I’ve risen above falling prey to the old Windows Media Player Visualizer effect. That was until I came across Cherry Jungle’s new video for “Hold Your Tongue”. And although a few years ago the thought of triangular shapes dominating an indie artist’s music video would seem like right-of-passage, the video from Cherry Jungle treats their shape oriented video like a Fourth of July fireworks display. Neatly compartmentalizing the journey of sound and color by titled chapters for what’s to come next.

The group Cherry Jungle is comprised of Sam Friend and Curtis Nystrom. Coming up in Miami, the two met at school and became quick buddies.  As each of the guys paved on with their individual paths of life and music they were harmoniously reunited in Brooklyn which has lead to this project. The music is catchy, funky, and upbeat. Songs like “Five and Dime” and “Hold Your Tongue” are testaments to Sam and Curtis’ understanding and blending of musicality and accessibility. If you’re looking for a new favorite duo, give them a listen.



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