Chloé and the Giant Peach: East Bay Americana

By: Samantha Wilson
During her summer job in Glacier National Park, Chloé Little of Chloé and the Giant Peach began writing music on her guitar. Straight out of High School and headed for college, Chloé had always toyed with the idea of starting a band but was too intimidated. Once she graduated college with a handful of original songs she figured, “If not now, then when?”

Then began her rummaging on craigslist where she was able to find Kevin McCarthy-Anderson (lead guitar) and Mike Tiura (bass). Kevin, the oldest member, joined in August 2014. Pat Groff (drums) the newest member, joined just weeks ago in July 2015. As a new band their sound is ever-changing and unique.

With the assistance of award-winning audio engineer Karl Derfler they are currently recording their first studio album. They don’t have a name for it yet, but Chloé says it should be released later this year. In the meantime, check out their NPR tiny desk contest submission done earlier this year with Chloé Little and Kevin McCarthy-Anderson.

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