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By: Steven Colyer

I notice more and more, by looking less and less.  I find more and more, by pushing less and less.  “Out For You” is a story about how I found myself transfixed by a beautiful flower and pulled into her love spell.  Inspired by her adventurous nature and all-things-good vibe, I was beginning to crave her all the time.  It wasn’t even that conscious, more visceral and intuitive.  When I moved to LA, I told myself that I would solely focus on music.

 I thought the fact that I had just received my Bachelor’s degree and decided not to use it was enough to keep me motivated.  Also, in the past I’d found that relationships can be distracting from my music.  But now I believe that was because I wasn’t in the right relationship.  “The second hand robbed me blind, but your love gave me back my sight,” is a testament to that.  Time slips away, but it doesn’t matter when you fall into place.


I think my biggest influences are songwriters like Stevie Wonder, Ryan Adams, Marvin Gaye, David Bowie, Tom Waits.  Growing up in Detroit, Motown has always had a big influence on me.  R&B touches your soul in a way nothing else can.  I enjoy timeless sounds, usually keeping that in mind when I write.

As a solo artist that sounds like a band, it can be tough.  But all in all, I prefer the environment of working alone because I hear so many production sounds.  It’s difficult to try them all out when you have three or four other cooks in the kitchen.  So I sit in my studio apartment and play around.  “Out For You” I wrote and recorded alone.  My equipment isn’t great, but it was enough to get the story across.  In the end, that’s what matters the most to me.  Of course, I can’t wait to have a kick-ass studio with everything I want though (haha).

Photos by Naomi Christie

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