Live Show Review

Feel The Pull of Cosmos & Creature

by Sofie Vasquez

Cosmos & Creature live show review

Brandyn Burnette and Molly Moore deliver an energetic, ethereal as well as emotional performance at their first New York show as a duo.

To describe something as cosmic, there must be an otherworldly presence in the room. Such an experience is a challenge to achieve in the Revolution Bar & Music Hall in Amityville, New York, but Brandyn Burnette and Molly Moore of Cosmos & Creature manipulate the space around them to create an intimate and inter cosmic setting.

Molly Moore Cosmos & Creature live
Photo by Sofie Vasquez

The two artists stood, shrouded in the venue’s darkness with a projected image behind them displaying their name against a background of a blanket of stars. Perhaps a bit too much, but their aesthetic compliments their opening performance of “Feed” – a track off their upcoming debut EP of the same name. The projector’s light splits Burnette’s face in half, his moving mouth the only visible aspect of him as Moore, being only illuminated by the stage’s red light, sways dreamily during their duet. It’s a haunting visual that you can’t keep your eyes off of. Establishing their eclectic presence, Cosmos & Creature quickly distinguish themselves as someone to watch.

Being a fairly new duo, Moore and Burnette pulled songs from their respected solo careers into their set, engaging the audience with their singer-songwriter, electronic pop mixes. The hypnotic hook off Burnette’s solo “State I’m In” is a pleasant transition from “Feed” thanks to the R&B influences, but the duo’s cover of “Unsteady” causes a halt. It is a beautiful and well-done cover that highlights how naturally Moore’s and Burnette’s voice meld into a lovely melody, but it feels misplaced. It was too sudden of a change.

Brandyn Burnette Cosmos & Creature live
Photo by Sofie Vasquez

However, it did build up to Burnette’s “Lost” – a tear-jerking and moving performance. His family within the crowd, Burnette, visibly overwhelmed and so vulnerable, knows he can’t perform his best and instead of risking his voice cracking, he does the song over and serves it the justice it deserves. “I’ve been waiting for this moment,” says Burnette, referring to his family and friends all together to see he and Moore fulfill their passion. “We’re going to do it right.” “Lost” inflicts a very personal reaction, the respectful silence and whispered singing amongst the crowd sent chills. Despite “Unsteady” feeling out-of-place, “Lost” has such an individual feeling that resonated not only with Burnette and Moore, but with everyone in the room.

Molly Moore’s “Imaginary Friends” follows next and it is one of the strongest performances of the night. “Who here has dealt with fake friends?” Burnette shouts, gaining a roar from the crowd that immediately engages everyone. Despite his light-up sneakers and glowing drum sticks, Burnette is a dancing silhouette as Moore controls the stage, chanting “How does it? How does it? How does it feel?” as her hands sway in the air. Everyone is now fully engaged as Cosmos & Creature finish their set with “Young” and “Good Vibes”. Moore teaches everyone the harmony before entering their fun fusion of dance pop and EDM beats. “Young” was such a vibrant performance, Moore and Burnette dancing to their beats in perfect unison as they expressed their carefree, youthful (pun intended) glow and essence. Then they played their EDM heavy, upbeat and contagiously rhythmic “Good Vibes” (a collaboration done with PLS&TY). Together, Burnette and Moore jump to the bass and the crowd, without being asked to, responds enthusiastically as they are won over by the duo’s magnetic and compelling, cosmic aura.

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