Dalmasy: “Once We Start”

by Samantha Wilson

In the past several months, Luie Dalmasy released a live demo of the track “Once We Start” to the new talent platform MyDiveo. In its initial 9 days it received 533 views, completely trumping any other video on the site.

Check out Dalmasy's live demo of "Once We Start"

Check out Dalmasy’s live demo of “Once We Start”

“I think the emotion behind the song has to do with my moving from NYC to LA.” Expounding further Dalmasy said, “This song is about the guilt of leaving that home and my family to pursue the artist life of mostly struggles. One of the most important inspirations for this song is the way my attitude and overall outlook on life has started to change, and the way that affects my relationships with old friends from old towns.”

Dalmasy has indeed lived the life of an artist, and is baffled at his ability to stay afloat. As a professional dancer, Dalmasy moved to LA and appeared in movies and commercials. His focus has shifted from dancing to acting and the pursuit of his music. Although he’s always been a singer, only recently has he strummed a guitar.

Currently Dalmasy is co-creating a show called Johnny & Luie. The pilot episode is under construction right now, and next year he will be starring in a few short films. Dalmasy also intends on creating a 7-track demo of his original songs, including “Once We Start”.

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