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“Shine On Me” by Dan Auerbach

by Kelley Lin

Dan Auerbach is back with yet another musical project and this time, it seems like he’s feeling good about where he’s going. Member of The Black Keys, The Arcs, and Blakroc, “Shine On Me” is the first single of his second upcoming solo album, Waiting On A Song.

Featuring guitar plucks from legend Mark Knopfler of Dire Straits, the new single will be the fourth track of a ten-track long album. Already, “Shine On Me” is a different turn from Auerbach’s first solo album, Keep It Hid. Although the dusky blues feel is gone from the single, it’s chosen to revert back to old-school nostalgia.

The lyrics are playful (“You only got a couple miles to go / If you’re trying to drive me insane”) and the production draws to George Harrison fun.

“Shine On Me” also debuted with an animated music video, chock full of colorful aliens and animal heads on human bodies. From what it looks like, Auerbach is taking a break with all his other projects and learning to enjoy a busy life.

Waiting On A Song will be released on June 2nd through Auerbach’s new record label, Easy Eye Sound.

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