Daniel Caesar feat. BadBadNotGood and Sean Leon: “Paradise”

By Carlos Lima-Lopez

I remember the first time I heard about The Weeknd back in 2011. At that point, he was an anonymity who dropped a mixtape/album out of nowhere, and with the help of numerous tweets from fellow Canadian Drake, The Weeknd was one of the biggest conversation pieces of that year. With 3 free (and amazing) mixtapes and 2 major albums, The Weeknd rose to incredible heights and remained one of pop’s audacious and biggest stars to ever come out; I also called on his success after repeated listens to “House of Balloons”.

Now there’s a brand new kid on the Canadian block, and after hearing his singles, I have to say this young man is serious business. His name is Daniel Caesar, and from what I have gathered, he’s been in the game since last year and has been garnering some attention for himself. Unlike The Weeknd, whose strength lies in dark, moody music with blatant, sexually raunchy and drug addled lyrics, Daniel gathers his inspiration from gospel and soul music. He also prefers to see the sunny side of things in life, even when life throws you a few curve balls.

“Paradise” is an uplifting number for Daniel, as he croons about taking risks and chances in life to achieve. The dude is a neat singer thus far; his lyrics are simple but he makes his point and it gets across. His guest MC, Sean Leon, sounds like he’s heavily influenced by Kanye West, and he has a nice flow and some great bars. Daniel also has some help from one of my favorite new groups, BadBadNotGood, and they provide the grooves and soulful vibes to accentuate Daniels’s singing. The bassline for that song is pretty killer, and “Paradise” is currently one of the prettiest, and most youthful, sounding soul songs I’ve heard in a long while.

Right now, Daniel Caesar is gearing up to release his new EP, Pilgrim’s Paradise, near the end of the month and I’m honestly pretty jazzed about it. Without saying much, I have heard his other single, “Death and Taxes”, and that’s the one that really has me sold on this guy. I think I’ll just call on his success right now.

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