Darryl Rahn “Even As A Ghost”

by Chris Pizzolo

“Even As A Ghost” is the latest song from Brooklyn based singer songwriter Darryl Rahn. The song starts off sounding like a charming bedroom recording and explodes into a full-bodied well intentioned folk meets rock crossover song.

The track is an uptempo driving tune that provides the peripheral perspective of someone growing wiser as they fall further into love. Lyrics like “I can see this love is killing you, but I would take you even as a ghost” demonstrate some of the gentle and clever nuances sprinkled throughout this track. Those nuances aren’t strictly lyrically either, the song features beautiful textures including cleverly places distorted delay swells over instrumental breaks in the song.

Check out more of Darryl Rahn here, and keep an eye out for his forthcoming release Everything Is Fine.

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