Dean Invites You to “Come Over”

by Dertrick Winn

Dean k-pop play too much

If you are plugged into the world of Korean R&B, you have most certainly heard of Dean. Though he started off in the music industry working behind the scenes as a producer, his golden voice and charming lyrics have lead to him being one of South Korea’s most rapidly rising pop stars.

His latest single, “Come Over”, is from his forthcoming album Limbo. As you might guess from the title, the concept of the album is inspired by the movie Inception, particularly the concept of two lovers planning on spending an eternity in a dream world, but having to eventually face reality. The song titles are all dream themed and the artwork, which was also done by Dean, is reminiscent of the film that the music is inspired by.

“Come Over” is a soulful rhapsody of two individuals who clearly have feelings for each other, but are hesitant to express them for fear of a negative reaction. This is a theme that is commonly explored in love songs, but “Come Over” tackles this theme in a way that is uniquely Dean. Yerin Baek, one half of Popular K-Pop duo 15&, lends her talents as a vocalist on this track, and her contribution not to be understated. A voice as lovely and familiar to the Korean music scene as hers makes an amazing track that much more incredible.

The simple yet emotional imagery in the video for “Come Over” is like the fundamental nature of a budding relationship. The music alone paints the picture pretty accurately, but English translations can be found here.

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