New Podcast + Videos ft. Sly Moth and The Delta Saints

By: Play Too Much

In this week’s episode  of the Play Too Much podcast, hilarity ensues when Mark and Ilana trade thoughts while listening to new music including Slayer’s latest release and a snippet from the Drake/Future mixtape. Then, Mark chats with the band Sly Moth after their live performance of “Surfrider” which you can check out for the first time here!

In celebration of our special guests, the Nashville based rock band The Delta Saints, we are also premiering their video of the killer song “Heavy Hammer” and listen up for their interview on the podcast where they talk about their new album Bones and what it’s like getting signed.

Turn it up and tune in, because this is one you’re not going to want to miss.
This episode of the Play Too Much Podcast is supported by Moving Insider and Astoria Soundworks.

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