Disintegration Before the Bloom | John Heart Jackie Discuss New Single “Stadium”

by Peter M. Murray & Jennie Wayne of John Heart Jackie

Photo: by Amanda Hakan

Photo: by Amanda Hakan

Thematically, “Stadium” is a comment on the collective suffering. Written in one of those moments when you’re falling apart and feel completely alone but remember that somewhere there are others going through the same thing. It’s the disintegration before the bloom and while there’s an element of desperation in the song it’s most certainly hopeful and optimistic. Noted most obviously by the end where we switch parts and Jennie takes the lead to sing, “Save me from who, turned away won’t you.” – Peter

The song existed in its original form for a number of years, a version that was primarily written by Peter and that we performed on a handful of different tours. Even though that initial rendition went over quite well in a live setting, when it came time to record it became immediately apparent that it was not going to stand up next to some of the other songs on the record. Thus began the process of locking ourselves in Peter’s studio one sweltering New York summer day to dissect the song in an attempt to figure which parts would stay and which would be thrown away. That initial song was completely overhauled–new words, new melody, new key–and became what I think we’d consider to be one of the best examples of our collaboration. – Jennie

Peter M. Murray & Jennie Wayne make up the bi-coastal duo John Heart Jackie. Order their new album Episodes now.  (Also, make sure you check out their website. It’s the coolest digital scrapbook of visuals ever!)

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