Divers Debut Album: Hello Hello

by: Samantha Wilson

Since the release of Hello Hello in February 2015, it has received many accolades. Five months later doors of opportunity continue to open for Portland based band, Divers. The Willamette Week awarded them “Best New Band 2015” and they are playing MusicFestNW this summer. A man I encountered after one of their shows insisted that not only were they the best band in Portland, but potentially “the best band ever!”

Divers began unexpectedly when James Deegan (bass) was organizing a house show that needed a band; the group began writing as many songs as they could for that first house show. Divers is made up of brothers Harrison (vocals, guitar) and Seth Rapp (guitar), James Deegan (bass), and Colby Hulsey (drums). Harrison, Seth, and Colby have been playing music together since their teens. Some joke that musically, Harrison and Seth speak telepathically.

The making of Hello Hello was a two year rigmarole. It is a concept album revolving around a couple of bank robbers driving across North America. The album is themed to feel like an action movie, full of thoughtful dynamics. In another interview with IMPOSE magazine Harrison gave some insight into the creative process: “We were fanatical about the structure of these songs. We pulled them apart and put them back together again a million different ways. And the entire time we were taking them out and playing them live. Playing unfinished songs live, some of them very, very unfinished. When you do that, it becomes immediately obvious what works and what doesn’t work. So I’m just grateful that people kept coming to see us! Everyone who stuck with us became a collaborator.”

They intend on continuing to tour in promotion of their album, and have regular shows lined up in Portland. The following video is a live performance at Oregon Public Broadcasting last month.

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