DJ 2 DJ // Talking with MOP TOP


DJ GRLFRNDWRKS is Play Too Much’s resident DJ. The Puerto Rico via New York artist has been hard at his craft for nearly a decade and is turning the tables (get it?) on some of his favorite DJs.

Check out this candid conversation between GRLFRNDWRKS and Brooklyn based DJ and producer, MopTop.


GRLFRNDWRKS: How did this EP come together?

MopTop: Much Love has been a year in the making. I really wanted to showcase the broad range of all the unnamed (5)music that I love. I also wanted to test some new production skills I’ve learned from some of the super talented homies I’ve been working with, namely, Young Live, Statik Link, Mind Cntrl, and VYLE.

I also knew I wanted to showcase some singers so I linked up with Beata, Kid Astronaut, Domonique, and Mimi. I love the collaborative process and working with all these folks was amazing. Each one brought a different creative process to the EP.

GRLFRNDWRKS: What was it like collaborating with Kid Astronaut? 

MopTop: Kid Astronaut is awesome, his song was actually the first one we finished. One of my good friends on tour introduced me to him and we had a very similar creative outlook and vibe. It was natural from there.

GRLFRNDWRKS: What’s your favorite DAW to use?

MopTop: I’m mostly in Ableton Live, this whole project was made in Live. However, I’ve also used almost every DAW at this point. I started off in Acid back in high school since then have moved from there to Reason, and then Protools and Logic. For my process these days, Ableton’s workflow is best.


GRLFRNDWRKS: What motivates you to produce music?

MopTop: I think all music comes from an emotional place, I find I write the best music when I’m experiencing something new. I tend to write most of my music while I’m on the road. A lot of this EP was written while I was touring last year. I’m inspired by the people around me hearing stories and connecting with other peoples experiences.

GRLFRNDWRKS: What’s your go to instrument/plugin when starting off a track?

MopTop: I use a lot of different plugins, but right now I’m using Serum the most.

GRLFRNDWRKS: Do you mix and master your own stuff?

MopTop: I do a pre-mix on all of my stuff, but for Much Love, I had a talented group of friends (namely, Statik Link and Grahm Grere) that helped me get this mix and master to the next level.

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