DUVV Freestyle | Live from The Color Station Studio

by Chris Pizzolo

The majority of the sessions we present on a weekly basis are shot on a private, closed set. The idea is that we really take our time to get the session videos right; there’s no pressure from external factors, there’s no audience, just the opportunity to capture a beautiful performance.

Every so often we take a stab at changing things up and filming session performances in front of a live audience. After all, variety is the spice of life, right? We teamed up with The Color Station Studio and invited three artists to perform to a room full of creatives.


Ashni | Live from The Color Station Studio

P. Cruz of Punskription | Live from The Color Station Studio
DUVV | Live from The Color Station Studio

When you meet DUVV, you’d have no idea that her soft spoken manner would transform into an enchanting songstress when she performs. She captivated a room full of artists with a set ranging from a bass heavy R&B banger to this acapella freestyle. DUVV let her audience’s snapping keep the rhythm in this sincere session recording.


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