An Alternative Twist to Your Slow Jams

by Chelsea Lim

We often associate slow jams with the smooth vocals of Marvin Gaye and Maxwell.  As soulful ballads were most prominent in the late 80’s and early 90’s, it’s easy to identify these intimate love records as belonging to a throwback era. Songs we reminisce about when they come on but doubt that they would hit the same way if released now.

The sounds of Marvin Gaye and Maxwell are now a rarity, however slow jams are still being produced and created. They are tucked into genres one would never expect.  Alternative R&B group dvsn is the perfect example.

Currently under Drake’s OVO Sound record label, the Canadian duo, made up of Daniel Daley and Nineteen85, are up and coming artists that offer a special edge to slow jams and R&B ballads.  Often singing about the complexities of love and relationships, dvsn takes these traditional concepts a step further by enhancing their vocals with dense hip hop beats and alternative instrumentations.

dvsn’s tribute to Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On” and remix of Aaliyah’s “One in A Million” give these soul and R&B hits a fresher perspective and feel with vocal runs, additional rhythmic beats, and female background accompaniment.  The covers give them the foundational boost of exploring the genres that they are continuing to redefine.

The duo’s latest studio album, Sept 5th, solidifies their unique sound, as songs such as “Hallucinations,” “With Me,” and “Too Deep” dive into the extremities of passion and seduction, allowing the listener to explore every facet of intimacy.

The records are mysterious, yet dvsn manages to deliver a sense of intimacy to their listeners.  For those in search of a musical revival, dvsn is definitely one to pay attention to.

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