DYLAN OWEN – Enjoying His Glory Years

By: Liz Maney

What is there to say about Dylan Owen? He’s been in the game for a long while now. I’m very lucky to have had the privilege of knowing him since his middle school rap battle days. Watching his journey as a musician and artist over the past 10 years has been an absolute joy. His dedication to his craft and to his fans is extremely clear in everything he does, from his social media interactions to his music videos.

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This past Friday’s album release show for ‘There’s More To Life’ was no different. Dylan and his team set up the whole show in a very cool hole-in-the-wall gallery space in Chelsea, complete with old chandeliers and brick walls. It was a very personal and intimate setting — a sold out show of 100 people; including family and friends who have been journeying with Dylan over the years, along with dedicated fans lined up outside early, ready to indulge in this special event.

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The night kicked off with ‘song and dance man’ Holden Jeffe of Del Water Gap. He played acoustic tunes while the crowd sat on the floor up close,  a mellow but perfect start to the show.

Then Dylan took to the stage bringing so much energy out with him that ignited the crowd immediately. Together with his band mates, Gabe Valle and Nate Sander, he opened with his ‘There’s More to Life’ teaser poem mixed together with the ‘Glory Years’. Each song he performed was met with such positive reactions from his fans who sang every word along with him. The live band playing various instruments: violin, keyboard, trumpet, etc, along with the backing tracks added extra layers that enveloped the whole room.  Dylan shared a great mix of old tunes, like ‘Garden of the Angels’ (my personal favorite) and ‘The Book Report’ along with fresh new album tracks: ‘The Streets’, with Holden and singer/songwriter Regina Zaremba joining on backup vocals, ‘Sail up the Sun’, and of course, ‘There’s More To Life’. Dylan truly wore his heart on his sleeve as he jumped up on the monitor to completely engage with his audience. He closed out his show with an encore, performing his powerful track, ‘The Window Seat’, as he was completely surrounded by his fans cheering him on.

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Dylan spent the rest of the night chatting with every single person that was at the venue. Dylan is a genuine soul. He doesn’t put on a front and truly enjoys connecting with his fans. It is apparent that he loves what he does. The music that he makes is not just for him, he puts it out there to help others and make them feel connected and not so alone. ‘There’s More To Life’ took three years for Dylan to complete but the wait was worth it as it is a very special project. He definitely has followed his motto of ‘Keep Your Friends Close’ because his fans are not going anywhere, they are ready to follow Dylan as he continues on. I can’t wait to see what he does next.

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Photos by: Liz Maney

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