Dylan Owen is a Young, Modern Poet

By: Stephany Salamea

From the first time I saw Dylan Owen perform, last year in late October, I was instantly hooked. There’s something about his heavy, emotional lyricism that feels equivalent to getting punched in the stomach, and I mean that in the most excellent way. Ever since then I’d been hoping to catch him live, especially after the release of his first single Sail Up the Sun (below) from his just-released EP Theres More To Life

Finally that time came. He performed at Burger and Lobster’s first annual music showcase this past winter in NYC. Unsurprisingly most of the crowd was there to witness Dylan’s performance, which as usual, did not disappoint. The amount of energy and heart that goes into each of his tongue twisting live renditions is palpable. The way he manages to manipulate words to make them fit the exact message he is trying to get across is not only impressive, it is art.
Below is a sneak peak from the night. He may be many things, but after even just one song it becomes clear that above all else, Dylan Owen is a young, modern poet.

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