Ess See “New Age” Live From Refuge Recording (VIDEO)

by Sara Waber

Meet Ess See, the sultry Brooklyn based singer songwriter, whose vibey pop music features bold vocals and genuine lyrics. “New Age” is a post-apocalyptic ballad that speaks to the fear of being alone. Ess See belts:

“I’d rather be empty than alone; At least then I still know that I’m someone”.

Normally, I’d interpret those lyrics as an ode to sticking around in a crappy relationship. However, after watching Black Mirror, it almost made me think about someone’s relationship to social media…

Well – however you interpret this powerful track, I hope you enjoy Ess See’s enchanting performance. Recorded live at Refuge Recording.

Ess See is slated to debut her mesmerizing new EP Ordinary Woman on January 13th. If you can’t wait till then, catch her at Rockwood Music Hall January 11th.

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