Ethan Burns: Passion, Soon to Be Known

by Kevin Clifford

Central Californian-could-be-Southerner Ethan Burns is on a roll with, “Homeward,” a tune that seems as if it’s always been in the canon of homecoming love songs. In other words, Simon and Garfunkel’s  “Homeward Bound” and Dan Auerbach’s “Goin Home” have welcomed a new kid to the family.

25-year-old Burns’ makes music for the starry night or scorching day, calling upon Sam Cooke and Ray LaMontagne. “Homeward”  blends the rhythm and blues tradition with a modern flair that invites you into the depths of a soul begging you to ‘tell him the truth’. The truth is, this man can simply say the word ‘oh’ over and over again and you’re swooning. One would think this Californian has been spending most of his time in Memphis and everywhere else south with the raspiness of a Delta blues man.


The story in “Homeward” tries to tame the impatience of a man in need of love that is finally on its way home. Burns’ sparse production doesn’t need horns, overdubbed guitar solos, or background singers to get his point across either. In short, he is one of the new voices of raw, straight-up passion. Solidarity is the name of his game. Frustratingly, there isn’t much online about Burns as of yet, but with “Homeward” premiering on blogs like Consequence of Sound, Paste, and a feature of NPR’s Here and Now, we should be expecting a slew of bios and raves on the singer.

For a mellower mood, check out “Where We Walked” from The Lo-Fi Sessions. You will find him handing his heart to you for 7 minutes which, conclusively, is not enough.

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