Zach Surp “Et Moi”

by: Katlain Petrella


The premiere of Zach Surp’s newest single “Et Moi” is the song you want playing in your car as you lazily roll down the highway arm lolling in the moonlight. Beginning with low smooth beats “Et Moi” creates a feeling of collective contentedness in its chill wave reminiscent tempo. The tune slows and pauses with minimal lyrics leaving most meaning to movement, and the singles accompanying poetic visuals.

Silhouettes form a pivotal snapshot as detail is lost and manipulated; blurring temporal lines in losing track of time all compacted into a short track. “Et Moi” is grooving and warm, like a midsummer evening and it’s music video counterpart partners with subtle glitch effects that slide in where an electric vibration of true sparks are felt. However, with an overall arch of budding mutual motions attracting closeness its lyrics bring an elevated level of coolness in a collective uncertainty.

Simple, floating lyrics drift of the cusps of flowing instrumentals, dangling above the heads of listeners in a familiarly fuzzy fashion. Lyrics bring an awareness, with a cautioned casual step back, as they suggest that feelings are acknowledged, and reciprocated, “Tryin’ to take it a little deeper tonight”.  Both longing for, and a wish to remain in the warm hues of the moment are emulated in the videos series of close-up shots on both figures with much attention to details suggesting not a moment, whether habitual or coincidental goes unnoticed.  As the sun sets and stars light like sparks from the embers of the horizon, it feels safe to say that “Et Moi” will be listeners choice of tune this summer.

“Et Moi” will be followed by a series of upcoming different releases by Zach Surp which will vary from self-produced pieces from Paris, an analog to tape project with The Rufalo Brothers, as well as an Los Angeles based project with Producer Kojo Asamoah, Hardpink Records, and Nicky Quinn. Stay Tuned and check out Zach Surp on Spotify by clicking here

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