Live Show Review

A Nightmarish Rat Head & A Golden Speedo: Evolfo Live At Alphaville

by Liz Maney

Saturday night at Alphaville was one for the books all thanks to Evolfo, the seven-piece psychedelic/garage rock band who celebrated the release of their long awaited full length album, The Last of the Acid Cowboys. They brought with them intense energy, excellent musicianship, and, of course, onstage antics galore. It was sweaty, it was gritty, it was a blast.

If you haven’t seen these guys live yet, it is a must for your concert-going bucket list. They’ve been performing as a group for quite a while and have their set running like a dream. Solid vocals cut through the room while surrounded by lush-hazy guitars, groovy keys, booming bass, and a killer brass section.


Their gusto ignited the room full of friends and fans who danced along to all the tracks.


It wouldn’t be an Evolfo show without their song “Rat City” which provides many Kodak moments. The first time I saw them perform this they threw rats into the crowd. This time, lead vocalist/guitarist Matt Gibbs took the stage donned in a nightmarish rat head along with only a golden speedo and talisman. Eventually the rat head was thrown into the crowd and others wore it and danced — a bunch of rats in the city.



They closed out the night with their encore of Devo’s “Whip It”, a classic in the Evolfo repertoire.


The album is a gem and was well-worth the wait. As someone who romanticizes the desert, these tracks bring me a source of comfort and take me out west into the warm and fuzzy heat. My favorite track, which is the last and most subdued song on the record and closes it out is: “Peachy”. Give it a listen.

It is such a pleasure to see such good humans making moves. I’m excited to watch Evolfo as they ride out into the sunset to continue their musical journey into the future and beyond.

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