Listen to Fake Guns “Blue” To Jump Start Your Day

by: Chris Pizzolo

When I was first sent “Blue” by Fake Guns it was a slow gloomy weekday afternoon and my typical adrenaline-caffeine high was wearing off fast. Sometimes a song will hit you at just the right moment, it can completely transform your mood, your thought process, your energy level and your ambition. Luckily for me “Blue” was that kind of song. “Blue” is an upbeat supercharged song with familiar melodies and rhythms that make listening to it a total treat and re-listening to the song essential.

Immediately after listening to the song I caught up with Alex and Chris of Fake Guns to talk to them about this release, their band name, and more. Here’s what Alex and Chris of Fake Guns had to say:

Play Too Much: Where did the name Fake Guns come from?

Alex of Fake Guns: Our name came from the title of the first song that Chris and I recorded together. In that way it seemed symbolic for the band.

PTM: Ha that’s awesome. When I think of your band name I have to wonder if  you guys are  fans of the Bowie and Resnor track “I’m Afraid of Americans?”

ALEX: YES we both love that music video! One of the best 90’s tracks ever.

PTM: Yes! I couldn’t agree more. Alright so I’m curious, what were you listening to at the time that you were writing “Blue”?

ALEX: At that time is was a lot of The Beatles, Nirvana, Pink Floyd etc.

PTM: Got ya, the classics. What is your songwriting process like?

ALEX: I am usually the driving force behind a lot of the melodies and progressions you hear where as Chris brings a lot of his concepts to fruition through rhythm and percussion. I usually mess around on guitar or keys until i find a melody that sticks and build on that.

For this EP, I’d start rough tracks on my computer adding layers / extra sounds and Chris wrote his drum parts to those. Then we went to the studio to record. After that we’d either continue messing around with edits and stuff or occasionally scrap everything and start all over.


PTM: What’s next for you guys?

CHRIS: Seeing that we’re basically brand new, I think the next step is just the expansion of the name and getting the material to as many people as possible while we continue to build the overall vision for the band.

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