Bi-Coastal Band Faulkner Hits NYC For Fashion Week

by Play Too Much

Faulkner live at NYFW
photo by Liz Maney

NYC via LA rockers Faulkner have only been at it for a few years, but have amassed massive milestones in that short time. The band has worked alongside hip-hop mastermind RZA, have had their music featured at Yankee Stadium home games, and now have helped bring life to New York Fashion Week. We got the chance to catch up with the band after their performance to talk about their latest EP Revanchist and what’s next for Faulkner.

Play Too Much: So, I’ve got to know, what is it like working with RZA and what is it like recording at the legendary Shangri La?

Faulkner: It’s an amazing experience. He is one of the most intelligent and coolest people we’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. His musical knowledge goes beyond the norm and incorporates science, numerology and philosophy which he gladly shared and applied to the music we made together.

Play Too Much: How do you think these collaborations have shaped the sound of the new EP?

Faulkner: They’ve had a huge impact.They gave our music a new perspective, a new edge that otherwise would not have been there and we’re better off with it.

Faulkner live at NYFW

Photo by Liz Maney

Play Too Much: How has being a bi-coastal band effected the way you guys write and rehearse?

Faulkner: Not much really. When it’s time to work we make it happen no matter what.

Play Too Much: What’s next for the band?

Faulkner: The full album following our EP REVANCHIST in the next couple of months, a music video for our single “Halo Me”, a new collaboration with a major Detroit MC and Eminem collaborator, and many more shows across the US.

NYC fashion week live music

Photo by Liz Maney

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