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Feist Releases “Pleasure” and Announces Album Release Date

By Katherine Butler

For the first time in nearly six years, indie-pop musician Feist has released new music with her track “Pleasure.” Feist has also announced the release date of her new album.  Pleasure will be released April 28th—her last album release was Metal in 2000.

Feist Pleasure review

Feist has been releasing solo music since 1999 but went off the grid—until now.  The reasoning behind her absence?  Feist has explained that she does not want to force herself to make music if she is not inspired.  Ultimately, she only wants to produce music organically, or when she feels artistically inclined to.

The title-track “Pleasure” gives fans much to look forward to with the full album release.

The song starts off with a faint guitar strumming and plucking, gradually becoming louder and louder until Feist’s voice enters the scene.  The riff continues to thump and keep a steady rhythm throughout the song.

The lyrics reveal a raw side of Feist we have never heard from her before.  In her latest single, she sings about giving into human desires that give us pleasure.  Toward the end of the song, she whole-heartedly sings repetitively, “It’s my pleasure/ And your pleasure/ That’s what we’re here for!”  Listeners can hear the emotion in her voice.  Feist herself even admits she is “raw and so were the takes.”

On Feist’s Twitter account, she lets us into more of her thoughts on the song and album.  “Our desire was to record that state without guile or go-to’s and to pin the songs down with conviction and our straight up human bodies.  I titled the album Pleasure like I was planting a seed or prophesizing some brightness.”

As to what we should expect for the whole album, Feist comments, “The first three songs should encapsulate everywhere we’re going to go in the next hour and a half…  You show them the scope of it.  The song is kinda that of the record.  It’s an indication of the range that’s going to happen over the eleven songs.”

Check out the new single below:

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