Field Trip 2 | Big Blue North: BEST BEHAVIOR “Magic” (VIDEO)

In the crisp air of late October, we packed up Chris’ mom’s car and embarked on our second installment of the Field Trip series.

This time we took over Big Blue North, a 1920’s church converted into a stunning recording studio, nestled in a wondrous neighborhood of Utica, New York. We filmed sessions, ate tacos, drank Utica Club, got intimate over some podcast talk; but ultimately hung out with some of our favorite (which also happen to be some of the most talented) artists of the East Coast.

We present to you our third session of the series but encourage you to stay tuned for the rest:

By: Alex Gruenburg of Best Behavior

When you’re a band from Brooklyn, sometimes it feels like the city is inescapable. Don’t get me wrong — New York is the best city in the world — but, man, it is draining AF. As much as you go out, you don’t tend to get out. So when Play Too Much called us to take a Field Trip upstate and play garage rock in a church, let’s be honest, we didn’t really entertain the option of saying no.


A trip upstate, a beautiful house to crash, a church-converted-into-a-studio: so where’s the catch…? Well, Best Behavior is a loud band. Having spent the last year performing in gritty clubs, dive bars, and DIY basement shows, playing stripped-down in a church seemed a little pristine for us. Would the #blessed spirits even allow us inside the studio?


In the end, we were moved. All-natural, organic church reverb is something truly divine. It’s the kind of reverb that kisses your lips and changes into something more comfortable. Real sexy. The studio, Big Blue North, was designed by John Storyk of the legendary Electric Ladyland, and its amazing team had us feeling real right. Maybe we can have nice things. With the tapes rolling, we went into an intimate performance of “Magic” from our debut album Good Luck, Bad Karma. Good vibes and good times. I think we kind of forgot how much fun a field trip can be.

Field Trip 2 is supported Kit Split | Photos by Rebecca Turner

Alex Gruenburg is the lead vocalist and guitarist of Best Behavior. Based out of Brooklyn, NY the four piece, Alex G, Alex Heigl (Bass, Vocals), Jon Mann (Guitar) and Chris Jimenez (drums), make garage surf punk music like nobodies business. You can check out the band’s Facebook page here. 

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