Guest Blog Post

Figs Vision Find Inspiration In Darkness And Groove

By: Jordan Spoliansky + Gunner Sixx of Figs Vision

We chose to cover Tina Turner’s, “What’s Love Got to Do With It” because Tina has been through so much and made it out the other side with some sexy grooves and dark content. We respect her story and her art so we decided to pay her tribute as an inspiration.        

“Elle, You’re Walking” seems to be the right single to follow this Tina cover because in this song we also tell our experience of falling victim to the idea of being loved by someone. It’s a true story about us getting deeply wrapped up with a group of people who we ultimately found didn’t truly care about us, and in the process we fell in love with a gentle beauty who’d made the same mistake. It’s a song that expresses the entire spectrum of emotions that come along with trying your best to help someone, although it’s tragically too late.

In general, we like to make music we’d listen to ourselves while lyrically expressing the truths of our experiences. It can be a real surprise if you listen in on lyrics and realize that a song contains grit over freaky dance vibes.

Self-described as ‘survivors of gross misguidance, and moreover, as brothers deeply entwined in parallel living’ Figs Vision is the partnership of Jordan and Gunner. Perhaps the band’s explanation of who they are provides more confusion than clarity. What is abundantly evident, however, is that together they make emotional and outright mystical pop music, joined as one under the nom de Figs Vision. For more on the band visit their website here

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