Matt Sucich: Fire on Bowery / After The Fire

by Chris Pizzolo


Queens based composer Matt Sucich pairs a deep bodied acoustic guitar and ethereal textures in such a way that transcend the listener to a life beyond the one that existed before experiencing his music. Fire on Bowery / After The Fire are the newest collection of songs from Sucich and they are a delight.

Starting with the more mellow “Fire On Bowery” Sucich pens a highbrow introspective quandary with lyrics like “What am I supposed to let go? My Pride or my soul?” over a mid-tempo acoustic-pop song. On “After The Fire” Sucich enlists a more up-beat full band ensemble for what seems to metaphorically pick up the pieces of the wreckage from the fire on Bowery.

Although the songs bare a very similar motif to the brilliant Stripping For The Blind EP he released in 2015, Sucich’s sound has always risen above the hallmarks of Americana and roots music because it’s authenticity is palpable, as if it were just another instrument used in the recording process.

If you’re hooked on the new tracks Matt Sucich will be performing on Saturday May 6th at Rockwood Music Hall (stage 2) with Kiyo Cato.

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