First Listen “How Hits Made” Trailer

by Play Too Much

We are excited to share the first listen from our new podcast series, How Hits Made, premiering December 2016.


In this Play Too Much original podcast, How Hits Made investigates the creative process of a song and the players behind it. We followed the band Great Caesar over the course of a year on their quest to elevate their success through a hit song. Great Caesar is a 6-piece  New York based buzz band that have accomplished various milestones in their 10 year career, but have yet to “make it”.




John Michael Parker, the band’s frontman, and our protagonist candidly captured his process from drafting the song on a piano, to keeping his band together, to evaluating the song’s impact after release.



In this  6 episode series we follow how the song “Take Me To The River” is made. Will this soulful pop epic propel the band to the next level? Will it force them to reconsider their craft? Or maybe a hit is just in the ear of the beholder – listen to How Hits Made:

Learn more about the making of How Hits Made.

Photos by Nate Wind

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