Tracks We’re Playing Too Much: Fruit Bats “The Rock Doc”

by Chris Pizzolo

The Fruit Bats have returned with” The Rock Doc”, the latest release from singer, songwriter, producer, and engineer Eric D Johnson. Although the namesake of the project is nearly 20 years old, Johnson has spent much of the last decade curating original scores and producing records, thus leaving the Fruit Bats project inactive. Following a devastating turn of personal events in 2014 the band put together a powerful record in Absolute Loser. Now Johnson returns with this rocking-chair singalong “The Rock Doc”. This wonderful tune features warm vocals and comforting melodies that inspire optimism.

“The Rock Doc” is the first single off of the forthcoming Black Friday RSD release The Glory Of Fruit Bats which will be available on 150gram vinyl on November 25th.


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