Guest Blog Post

I Am Indulging in Strings Like One Does in Ice Cream

by Gabriella Cohen

Photo by Kain Balzary

My name is Gabriella. I’ve been very much living in my own bubble for the past few weeks. I am beginning to have the great pleasure of working with choirs… something that is greatly fascinating and has consumed me whole. All my work recently is very choir/choral/musical/satire related. I record in my bedroom everyday that I can- always at my desk looking out a window. That’s very important to me, a window. I don’t listen to much music that will interfere with my headspace when I’m recording. Mostly it’s classical music on the radio… or Nocturne no.2 op. 9 e flat…… Brian Eno has been floating around a bit and so has Vashti Bunyan. I am taking great solace these days in listening to very delicate music. I’ve had the incredible honor of seeing two Chamber Orchestras recently…. I am indulging in strings like one does in ice cream. I feel like solitude might be a theme, as boring as it seems, that I am associating with things like the drums off Neil Young’s “Harvest”, or the beautiful weaving of desolate imagery on “On The Beach”…. Or Vashti’s raindrop voice cooing about unrequited love. Anyway, I think that I am happy. I think the most important thing is to be at ease and happy with yourself, and I think that is success.

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