Is This Your America? | Garlic Breath releases “Family Ties”

by Sara Waber 

Garlic Breath’s debut track “Family Ties” is a topsy turvy electro-punk anthem, “inspired by Holiday Family dinners and the recent United States Presidential Election”. “Family Ties” reflects on a colossal dissatisfaction with the current state of affairs without leaving you depressed.

The song, produced by P.Cruz, features a mix of grime hiphop, punk rock guitar, and “rap-rave” á la, Die Antwoord. “Family Ties” has the unique characteristics of a catchy banger yet the weight of some powerful, goose-bump inducing, commentary about serious issues with society.

Oddly enough you find yourself grooving to the hook, “Is this your america? This is not my america!”, wanting to find a mosh pit to jump around in but then when a verse like “Stop telling me he’s not a racist, cause when he won they celebrated, the KKK and the Neo Nazis, the KKK and the Neo Nazis”, you stop dancing for a moment. You are reminded of the unreal political atmosphere we’re living in and that music like this is so important – a time capsule of perspective. A song that can be so fun yet so knowledgable and thought provoking makes dancing to it feel all the more empowering.

Fortunately all the dreaded holiday dinners are behind us. However, “Family Ties” will be there for you for the next 4 years.

Queens New York musical duo Garlic Breath releases new music

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