Getting TOO know the Mysterious Stockholm Producer, Prinston

by: Sara Waber

In High School, my favorite band was Maroon 5. Adam Levine was my go-to crush. “She Will Be Loved” is, to this day, one of my favorite songs and music videos. But honestly, Maroon 5 isn’t what they use to be so unfortunately their music doesn’t even inhabit a space on my iPhone. Until recently…

Last week, I stumbled across (if stumbling is even possible to do on the internet) Stockholm producer, Prinston’s remix of Maroon 5’s song “Sugar”. Prinston’s take on “Sugar” strips things back for a raw and more beat savvy take on the track. The song is transformed from sickly sweet to super sexy.

I had the opportunity to sit down with the Swedish producer (aka I emailed him questions and he responded) and gained some insight on the man behind the remixes.

Play Too Much: I see you’re described as the “mysterious Stockholm producer” but can you tell us a little about yourself?

Prinston: I’ve been around working behind the scenes for quite some time and as a result I’ve had the chance to work with some amazing pop, urban and dance artists. Prinston was about having a personal but also anonymous brand to start with, but as the project develops I may let some more details slip. Right now I just want to let the music do all the talking. Oh, I have a moustache. That seems like a valid point of identification.

The only photo of Prinston

The only photo of Prinston

PTM: When did you start making music?

Prinston: It was after watching the movie ”Crossroads” (the one with Karate Kid, not the one with Britney Spears). I was amazed by Karate Kid’s quest for an old lost blues song. It blew my mind. I found a guitar and that was that.

PTM: I love the Britney Spears “Crossroads”. She was on a different kind of quest. What or who are your early passions and influences?

Prinston: Musically, I always had a thing for Sam Cooke. I remember that a quiz show in Sweden had his ”Wonderful World” as their jingle when I was a child. He always gets me going. I strongly advise to listen ”Chain Gang” at least once a day, if not more!

PTM: How do you choose the song(s) you want to remix?

Prinston: Wisely. I need to feel like I can do something different with the track. I want to walk away feeling like I made something new rather than a small modification. What I loved about remixing Avicii’s “Waiting For Love” was that they let Astrid S and I pretty much make a new version of the song with our newly recorded parts. It’s all about customization and musical identity for me.

PTM: What piece of software and hardware could you not live without?

Prinston: For software it’s Logic. For hardware it’s a guitar. The latter is essential to my creative process. Oh, and a pocket sized moustache comb for when I’m on the road.

PTM: What music (bands/artists) have you been listening to recently? What should we check out?

Prinston: Jungle. I just love them. Vibes.

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