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Ghost Cop Talks EP vs LP

By: Lucy Swope of Ghost Cop

We, as a band, feel rather young. Or, new (we are neither of us, as humans, “young”). A year ago this month, we went into the studio to record our first EP, released in November 2015. The first EP is a milestone in a band’s biography: proof of concept, and hopefully good/marketable enough to generate interest, shows, maybe even profit. The EP is the starting point, right? Because an LP comes next?

We’re not so sure about that. Well, we do have a remix album in the works that is technically “long-playing,” but it is more of a double EP. But what we mean to say is, given the current climate of music production and consumption, is the LP an outdated format?

Granted, there will always be artists and projects that require a larger canvas. Grand statements, concepts, executions. GHOST COP certainly wouldn’t be here without Tangerine Dream’s Exit, Kate Bush’s Hounds of Love, or Radiohead’s Ok Computer. But for your average musician in 2016, we think the EP is ideal. It’s the perfect vehicle in which to develop a concept, explore a few iterations, then boom, you’re out. Or tell a story with the traditional five act structure, and then SCENE. No fillers or padding or nonsense inherited from the last days of big label contracts.

ghost cop video still pr

With so many musicians going the independent route, and even the labels making more and more of their money from publishing and corporate partnerships, the LP album as money maker…doesn’t exist (well, except for the good ole “vinyl as cash grab” move). And in a “chicken or egg?” scenario, it seems that the traditional album cycle has died out as well.

Thanks to interdisciplinary multimedia platforms, this new breed of musicians (signed or not) are more interested in making holistic art. Waiting to release a song until there’s a knock-out video. Complementing and supplementing the music with social media content. Or, hell, throwing a launch party with corresponding fashion line before the music is even “finished.”

Which is not to say that this approach doesn’t have its drawbacks. As observers of current media trends, we have our own fraught relationship to the already crowded and taxing space of omnipresent digital demands.

But, we quite like the EP. And we’re going to stick with it for a while yet.

Ghost Cop is an NYC based duo consisting of Lucy Swope and Sean Dack. The group refers to their music as Ghost Step which is accurate because of it’s dissonant dance beats and  flavorful choice of synths textures. For more on the band visit their site here.


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