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Here are two facts about me:

1) I kind of hate September (the idea of it, at least)

2) I love the sand in my shoes.

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve never liked that moment of the year when you just think “here we go again” and stuff like that. And since in my heart and soul I’m still that kid, I’ll probably never get used to seasons changing and time passing by.


My natural element is the sea. I was born in a little town a few miles from the Adriatic Riviera, a place that brings back pretty good memories for me. Beaches are not that great, the summerish weather is hot and wet and if you look around your eyes might bump into the occasional industrial chimneys, and yet it’s a very fascinating and somewhat healing place.

Now that I moved to Bologna, those shores are just a one hour drive away and I never miss a chance to go there and enjoy the sunset (and sure, get stung by mosquitos).

“Sand” is one of the first songs I wrote for this “project” (I’m not that fond of such a word) even if back then the thought of Giungla still had to cross my mind. Anyway, it felt like a very different and intimate song from the beginning.

I came up with the riff in the blink of an eye, but it took me quite long to put down the lyrics and get closer to what I really wanted to say.

It started as a simple love song about an ordinary moment becoming special, about how you can’t force nor filter things, about expectations and fantasies, but it’s like it has grown up with me to become so much more a bunch of years later.


Right, I might speak of things fading away, still I like to think of “Sand” as a totally positive ode to life changes and freedom.

If you hold some sand in your fist, sooner or later it’ll slip away. And the moment you look at things from an outside point of view, well, you’ve already lost them. So maybe this is just my way to slowly start getting familiar with all this, or a reminder of how grateful I should be for the magic and mystery of it.

 Giungla is an Italian born artist whose latest release Camo will be available worldwide on May 20th. For more on Giungla visit here

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